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Consumer Confidence Report (Annual Water Quality Report)

We are proud to report that the District once again upheld its responsibility of delivering high quality drinking water to our customers throughout 2016!  The water delivered to our customers undergoes extensive quality testing on a regular basis to ensure that the water we provide to your tap is safe and reliable.  The untreated lake and well water is tested annually for chemicals and other contaminants to make sure that our treatment process is adequate to remove any potential harmful substances.  The treated water is tested for bacteria on a monthly basis and other substances on a quarterly and annual basis.  All water test results are then reported to you in this Consumer Confidence Report. 

Please note that if anything harmful such as bacteria were ever to be found in the water during routine testing, you would be notified immediately of the situation, and what to do.  We are proud to report that we have not had any such failures.  Please click the link below to review the annual water report.    

LDPCSD 2017 CCR.pdf