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The Board holds regular monthly meetings on the 3rd Monday at 1:00 PM at the District office, 9751 Merced Falls Road, La Grange. All meetings are open to the public and all customers are encouraged to attend meetings to voice their concerns and input. All Board meeting agendas and supporting documents are posted on the Board of Directors Meeting Page at least 72 hours before any given meeting.

2021-11-15 Reg Meeting Agenda Packet.pdf2021-11-8 Spec Board Mtg Prop 218 Agenda Packet.pdf2021-10-18 Reg Meeting Agenda.pdf2021-10-18 Reg Meeting Agenda Packet.pdf2021-9-28 Spec Meeting Agenda Packet.pdf2021-9-28 Ad Hoc Com.pdf2021-9-2 Spec Meeting Agenda - Packet.pdf2021-9-2 Spec Meeting Agenda.pdf2021-8-16 Reg Meeting Agenda Packet.pdf2021-8-11 Planning Com Agenda.pdf2021-8-11 Personnel Com Agenda.pdf2021-7-26 Spec Meeting Agenda Packet.pdf2021-6-21 Reg Meeting Agenda Packet.pdf2021-6-4 Personnel Com Agenda.pdf2021-5-17 Reg Meeting Agenda Packet.pdf2021-4-19 Reg Meeting Agenda Packet.pdf2021-3-15 Reg Meeting Agenda Packet.pdf2021-2-16 Spec Meeting Agenda Packet.pdf2021-1-19 Spec Meeting Agenda Packet.pdf2020-12-14 Special Meeting AgendaPacket.pdfNovember slide show.mp42020-11-16 Reg Meeting Agenda Packet.pdf2020-10-19 Reg Meeting Agenda Packet.pdf2020-10-14 Emergency Meeting Agenda Packet.pdf2020-9-21 Reg Board Mtg Agenda Cancelled.pdfMar-Tech intake panel.pdf2020-8-17 Reg Meeting Agenda Packet.pdf2020-7-20 Reg Meeting Agenda Packet.pdf2020-6-15 Reg Meeting Agenda Packet.pdf2020-5-18 Reg Meeting Agenda Packet.pdf2020-4-20 Reg Board Mtg Agenda Cancelled.pdf2020-3-16 Reg Board Mtg Agenda Cancelled.pdf2020-3-16 Reg Meeting Agenda Packet.pdf2020-2-18 Special Meeting Agenda Packet.pdf2020-1-21 Special Meeting Agenda Packet - for Website #1.pdf2019-12-16 Regular Meeting Agenda packet.pdf

Board of Directors