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Emergency Water Outage March 22, 2018

With the unprecidented torrential rain storms that occurred today, several sections of roads in the community were destroyed by flash flood waters, which caused large sections of water mains, located under the roads, to wash out as well.   The areas where the water mains need to be replaced have been shut down to avoid all water tanks draining tonight, and we will be working continuously to get the water system put back together and filled.  Meanwhile, there are between 50 and 250 Lake Don Pedro CSD customers who will be without water throughout the night tonight and most, if not all day tomorrow. 

Not everyone is without water, so it could be possible to find a friend or neighbor in the community who has water available to fill jugs, etc.   Once the water system is rebuilt and pressurized, you could experience milky or brief periods of dirty water.  We suggest that you flush all faucets in your home until the water runs clear.  If it does not clear up in a few minutes, wait for an hour if possible and flush your faucets again.  We apologize for the inconvenience, and hope to get service restored as soon as possible.  

May contain: human, person, and road
Washed our raod and main on Ranchito
May contain: road and nature
Washed out road and main on Laredo
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A river on Hwy 132