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LDPCSD Receives Transparency Award!

Transparency Certification

In case you have not noticed, the Lake Don Pedro CSD has stepped up its efforts to provide excellent service to its customers through investment of your money on solid infrastructure improvement projects, excellent customer service, producing high quality water and informing our customers of the good work we do! We are dedicated to transparency in the way we do business and have worked very hard to operate in an open and transparent manner.  

As a result, on June 16, 2017 the Lake Don Pedro CSD was awarded the Transparency Certificate of Excellence by the Special District Leadership Foundation (SDLF).   This program was created by the SDLF in an effort to promote transparency in the operations and governance of special districts to the public and to provide special districts with an opportunity to showcase their efforts in transparency.

Three main subject areas include:

  • Meeting basic transparency requirements including current policies
  • Website Requirements
  • Outreach Requirements

If you have information related to our services that you feel we should address publicly, please let us know!