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Staff Compensation

AB-2040: Employee Compensation

California State Assembly bill 2040 (effective Jan 1, 2015), requires that any government agency who maintains a website, shall post current employee compensation information for easy public viewing.  At Lake Don Pedro CSD, we believe strongly in public transparency and accountability; knowing that we provide a very cost effective public service.  We are proud to report our salaries annually to the California State Controller’s office.  In turn, the State Controller has established a very user friendly, information packed web-tool for finding and evaluating public agency compensation costs, that you can find at the State Controller’s Office public compensation online database, which includes the salaries paid to Saddle Creek CSD employees. Please visit the following link to view:

State Controller's Office

​Salary Schedule

​Please find the salary schedule of the District for 2015-16 below:

2015-2016 Salary Schedule

​LDPCSD Job Descriptions

​Please find the various job positions of the District and their functions below:

​LDPCSD Job Descriptions


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