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Update on Emergency Outage- March 24, 2018

As of last night, crews have completed connection of the water main on Laredo Street, which allowed us to fill and chlorinate the line overnight, and with the concrete setting by toady, we can begin the process of filling the tanks and flushing the system to remove any potentially contaminated water. By this evening, we expect all customers to have water supply, except those located on Ranchito west of Villareal and on Golfito, Carillo, and Panchito. Due to specialized supplies and construction methods needed, service to these areas could take until Monday evening or Tuesday. PLEASE FOLLOW THE INSTRUCTIONS ON THE NOTICE AND DO NOT USE THE WATER FOR DRINKING OR COOKING (INCLUDING ICE) UNTIL WE NOTIFY YOU THAT THE WATER IS SAFE. We are performing two back to back rounds of water sampling before we give the all clear; which will be Monday at the earliest for all areas except those listed above, which will be later in the week. Thank you for your cooperation!!