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Water Outage Update for March 25, 2018

As of 7:00 PM last night, we began filling the dozens of miles of empty pipe and two empty water tanks. Our crews have been purging air from the system and preparing to flush water lines as soon as the pressure is high enough. The process to fill everything is taking quite a bit of time and the water level in the tanks is coming up slowly. 
For those of you who have been without water, once your home is re pressurized,you can confidently use the water for all purposes except for drinking, cooking or ice until we give you the all-clear. We are required to perform two rounds of bacteriological sampling, 24 hours apart, and receive good results on both before we inform everyone that the water is fine to drink. We hope for the system to be full enough today to allow us to do the first round of sampling. 
We are also working hard to try to secure additional bottled water in large enough quantities to provide customers who cannot yet drink the water. We will update you if this water becomes available. 
For those of you who did NOT lose water during this event, your water is delivered from a different pressure zone of our system, and is, and always has been safe to drink.